CAN was approached to look at means of carrying out re-decoration of the facades of the building. This former Carreras cigarette factory was inspired by the discovery of Tutankhamun’s burial chamber by Howard Carter in 1922.

Sloping access ramps to each side of the main entrance limited the use MEWP’s to approximately 40% of the central façade. From CAN’s point of view the two flank elevations of this art deco building were relatively simple to access using standard abseiling techniques. However, the real difficulties lay along the central section where an ornate cornice detail creates a 1.5m overhang.

To access the remainder of the cornice and central façade CAN designed and fabricated an adaptation to our existing access system, CAN-Span. Short sections of the CAN-Span were attached to the building with specially designed bespoke clips at the one end and hung at the opposite end. These provided secure work positioning to the underside of the overhanging cornice and also facilitated the use of rope access to reach the front elevation and columns beneath.

The end result, meant that by using combined access techniques, bar a few trials and tribulations with the typical British summer weather CAN were able to access and re-decorate the whole of the façade.

Duration:       4 Months

Client:            Lazari Investments Ltd

Location:       Mornington Crescent, London