The Brook Green project involved complete refurbishment of an old car showroom and conversion into office space with the addition of a new domed roof structure comprising a lattice steel frame clad with 2,875m² of glass panels.

Glass was craned into position and secured with pressure plates, CAN working sequentially around the barrel roof making the structure waterproof by virtue of installing 6,300 metres of silicone sealant.

Works were carried out in a pre-defined sequence, with installation of gaskets and sealant at panel intersections being formed where up to 6 individual joints met.

More than 11,000 pressure plates were removed, sealed beneath and replaced to a specified torque.

A very high standard of finish was required, with all joints masked along either edge prior to filling and finishing with rollers.

The structure was finally subjected to water tightness testing in accordance with the detailed ITP prior to handback.

Duration:       16 weeks

Client:             McLaren Construction

Location:        Hammersmith, London